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The exciting things that have been happening in school

Christina Gabbitas (author and poet) visits

Christina Gabbitas is an award winning children's author, poet and voice artist. A succesful author and businesswoman, and unrecognisable from her younger self. At school she was a pupil who preffered to sit at the back of the classroom and blend in with the furniture, scared of people and anything that moved. She was a quiet, shy character who nearly lost her first job, as she found it difficult to converse with people. Over a period of time she had to teach herself not to be so self-concious and gradually she flourished with an abundance of energy, ideas and passion to achieve. Christina not only writes but stages storytellling sessions, engaging with primary age children, encouraging imagination through writing. Christina equally enjoys inspiring older children to believe in themselves, as she talks eloquently about her journey from wallflower to author, poet, voice artist and director.   

Christina has made her dreams become a reality and feels privileged to be able to pass on her experience to others. 

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